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Hey all!

My name's Ben, and I'm a junior here at Saint Michael's College!

I grew up in Syracuse, NY, and after graduating from high school in 2010 took a gap year in Wrocław, Poland, where I lived as an exchange student through the Rotary Exchange Program. I decided to go on exchange after high school because I love to travel, and because I knew a gap year would help me grow as a person and gain a perspective other than what I have known as a kid from central New York.

I love to ski and was a ski racer throughout my childhood (and then some). I also love to climb, paddle, hike, sail, run, swim, walk, talk, eat, breathe, read, etc. Outside of class, I'm an instructor in the Wilderness Program, president of Common Ground, and a board member for the new-student Orientation program, which runs both the fall and spring new-student orientations. I also love being involved with the college radio station, WWPV, and Green Up, the sustainability club on campus. Green up has done awesome stuff, such as removing the sale of bottled water from campus, and every year we host Harvest Fest in the fall and Earthfest in the spring. Also, I'm an Economics major, but I've taken so many classes (Chem, Bio, Math, PoliSci, Anthro, RS) feel free to ask me about anything!

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have via Twitter or email (brosbrook@mail.smcvt.edu)!

Thanks for reading!

-Ben R.