Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Can I Work in College?

Many students wonder whether they'll be able to hold a part-time job. Like a true economist, I'll tell you that the answer to that depends entirely on individual circumstances.

Obviously, both school and work require commitment and follow-through. Just like you need to take tests and fulfill certain course expectations, you have to show up to work and do your job well. So adding a part-time job to the school equation certainly adds another dimension to the busy student paradigm, which is incredibly prevalent on this campus.

Speaking from my own experience, I would only recommend working a part-time job off campus if it's not to the detriment of academic and extracurricular expectations. For example, I work at a deli down the road from campus; I can take the CCTA Route 2 from my apartment on North Campus to work, and then to class. The commute is short and straightforward, so my concessions are minimal. Further, I work the lunch shift on the days of the week that I don't have class during that time. Basically, work fits into my day like classes would if I had them at that time, so there's very little trade-off (except that I have long days every day).

Not having a car, I wouldn't be able to work if my job required a substantial commute because of the commitments I have on campus. It would also be more challenging if I had to schedule evening work hours, since that time frame is when I'm doing most of my extracurricular stuff. I've struck a lucky balance, but a balance  nonetheless, and that's what's important.

That being said, it's also possible to hold a work-study if your financial package allows, and there are on-campus employment options (Sodexo, Einsteins, or even Cumby's, Simon's or Tilley's, but those three aren't technically on-campus).

So happy job-hunting/class-scheduling! As always, hit me up at with questions/comments.

Thanks for reading!