Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rock Climbing at Petra.

Recently, one of my favorite off-campus activities is going to Petra Cliffs, an indoor climbing gym less than 10 minutes from SMC.

Since being a Saint Mike's student is 120% awesome, we get $40 year passes there, so it's a cheap way to stay active. And it's addictive; even with the cast, I've already made it out to Petra a hand full of times this past week.

Sir Boates.

Playing HOLDS.

My friend Lauren, sending a sweet climb.

Boates, Andie and Lauren.

Having access to Petra through the subsidized passes from SMC has definitely augmented my college experience since I've started climbing there. It's been a cool thing to get involved in, and despite my broken wrist, I'm already psyched about the upcoming semester of climbing! And, you know, studying ;p

Thanks for reading!

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