Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year's in NYC (Re-Cap) and Back to Campus!

Hey y'all!

It's been a few days, but after spending New Years in the city, this past week flew right by!

As I mentioned last time, I traveled to Astoria, Queens for NYE to visit my best friend, who just moved there. Six of us converged on her apartment for a few nights, including my boyfriend Trevor, who goes to Saint Mike's as well. It was a great time--we made all our meals in her apartment, slept on air matresses, met her new room mate, and, eventually, made it over to Manhattan for the countdown. Unfortunately, (as we'd anticipated), we left too late to make it anywhere near Times Square, but being on the island with so many people was a cool experience in itself. Plus, we survived. Afterwards, Trevor and I traveled back upstate to hang out with my family for a few days, until I left for Saint Mike's yesterday afternoon.
This is my second semester in a row being back on campus early, and, as usual, it's a little eerie. Not many people on campus (other than some athletes and other students who had to return early for various reasons), so mostly I've been sitting around being lazy. That, however, will change tomorrow, when I begin the 2013 back country and avalanche courses offered by the Wilderness Program. As a student at SMC, you have the oppiortunity to take advantage of wilderness trips and course offerings through the WP, and this is just one of those opportunities. As far as I know, the backcountry course will be a lot of skiing, whereas the avalanche course will be both field and classroom work, and I can't wait to get started and learn what these courses are all about!
That's about it for now, but look out for updates this week on the back country and avalanche courses!
Thanks for reading!

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