College Bucket List

  1. Have an internship.
  2. Live in a suite.
  3. Watch all the Star Wars films. (I have to do this one again!)
  4. Ski Jay Peak for AT LEAST one season.
  5. Live and work a summer in Burlington.
  6. Live on North Campus.
  7. Do summer research.
  8. Go on both a domestic and international service trip through MOVE.
  9. Get something published in The Defender.
  10. Have a spring semester with no class on Friday
  11. Not wear shoes for a week straight.
  12. Go a week without coffee.
  13. Become a Wilderness Instructor.
  14. Make a trip to Montreal.
  15. Be an O-Leader.
  16. Study abroad.
  17. Volunteer regularly through MOVE.
  18. Live in the 200 townhouses.
  19. Participate in the UVM naked bike ride.
  20. Go on a spring-break Wilderness trip.
Subject to change ;)

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