College Bucket List

  1. Have an internship.
  2. Live in a suite.
  3. Watch all the Star Wars films. (I have to do this one again!)
  4. Watch all the Lord of the Rings films.
  5. Ski Jay Peak for AT LEAST one season.
  6. Live and work a summer in Burlington.
  7. Live and work a summer in a big city.
  8. Go on both a domestic and international service trip through MOVE.
  9. Get something published in The Defender.
  10. Run the Burlington Marathon.
  11. Have a 100-day ski season.
  12. Have a spring semester with no class on Friday.
  13. Sail Lake Champlain.
  14. Go vegan for Lent.
  15. Have a 4.0 GPA semester.
  16. Not wear shoes for a week straight.
  17. Become a Tour Guide.
  18. Go a week without coffee.
  19. Become a Wilderness Instructor.
  20. Make a trip to Montreal.
  21. Be an O-Leader.
  22. Study abroad.
  23. Volunteer regularly through MOVE.
  24. Live in the 200 townhouses.
  25. Participate in the UVM naked bike ride.
Subject to change ;)

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