Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blitzen Trapper at Higher Ground.

The ballroom.
Higher Ground, a favorite concert venue of students and locals alike, is a hub for music and concert events in the area. In general, shows cost in the range of 15 to 20 dollars, but there've been shows as cheap as a dollar per ticket for smaller bands and shows. Not to mention, the calendar is stacked, so it's easy to see a handful or so of great shows per semester for not too much money.
Blitzen Trapper on stage.
Last night some buddies and I stopped in for a Blitzen Trapper show in the smaller ballroom for 18 dollars a ticket. The show opened with a band called Fox, but we didn't make it until Blitzen opened. The environment is intimate enought to sit at a table and have something to drink for a coffee-house/mellow type of show, but it's also open enough to dance around and whip your hair for a more upbeat show. Blitzen's show was more in the flavor of the latter (jam-band music for sure), so needless to say there was much dancing and jumping around. We even got to hang out and have a convo with Marty, the band's guitarist/keyboardist/general musician. Very intimate, very cool show.
In my experience, shows at Higher Ground are never a let down. If nothing else, you tried something new, and got out for a night of music. It's a great way to blow off steam, and if your Tuesday is just a little less busy then you were expecting... then maybe that Soc reading can wait until tomorrow ;)
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