Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cool Professors (Or Something Like That).

Straddling the line between super-nerdy and super-cool, Saint Mike's professors know how to engage students (and the world) both inside and outside the classroom. There's seldom a department without a professor who's traveled abroad for research, and/or engaged in the community to pursue local projects.

At the moment, I'm enrolled in an Economics of Education class with Professor Walsh (with whom I took Economics of Health Care in the Spring). Being a professor who really embodies the SMC nerdy-coolness, I was psyched when I discovered that he'd launched a YouTube channel. His videos discuss and digest popular economic topics, like the debt celing and climate change. Although he claims most of his channel views are from his proud mother, his videos are very informative and accessible--for the econ-buffs and who-the-h-is-Adam-Smith?s alike. Check out his most recent video on Immigration economics:

Enjoy the video, and thanks for reading!

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