Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Harvest Fest 2011

Since I decided to attend school in Vermont, I've noticed a lot of people think that students who choose to come here for college are all eco-friendly hippies and peace activists. And while there's no formal census that's been done on the subject (to my knowledge), I'd say that this isn't untrue.

Green Up is SMC's "environmental" group, if you will, and I feel like the name kind of gives away the mission. We work to bring awareness to the college and the community about environmental change, and take steps as a group to reduce our own carbon footprint, and give others the opportunity to join in. Such steps include SMC's own organic garden, helping local farmers, as well as events like Harvest Fest.

Harvest Fest, which will take place on the Library Lawn of SMC campus from 3-6pm on Saturday, October 22, 2011; is an annual event hosted by Green Up to promote local products, listen to good music, and have an all-around good time while maintaining our commitment, as a group, to the environment.

Since I'm a freshman, this will be my first year attending the event, but I can promise that it will be awesome! There will be home-made vegetable soup, beverages, and other assortments of local treats served for free to anyone who attends; BUT THEY MUST REMEMBER TO BRING THEIR OWN BOWLS AND MUGS! Green Up won't be supplying disposable ones. Also, there will be live music from Dirty Paris and The Turtle Underground, and after the festivities have settled down, we'll pitch a Tent City on the Library Lawn.

So this event should be pretty rockin', and anyone who can come should definitely check it out!

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