Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to Burlington.

First off, I have a confession. This summer my blog has suffered due to a disease called Lazystudentitis, which is oft contracted by many a college student in the summer. The symptoms include a disregard for punctuality, oversleeping, watching too much TV and, in some cases, forgetting to blog. Luckily, with a little organization and planning, I'm back on my feet and it looks my blogging should be back to normal! Hopefully now I've improved my immunity and we'll no longer have to worry about that.

It seems like this summer has passed much more quickly than it came. In just two weeks I'll be moving back onto campus (Pontigny woot!) for orientation, but I actually have to be up to Burlington much earlier than that, aka on Wednesday, to be a camp counselor at Camp Outright.

What is Camp Outright, many of you will ask? Well I'm glad you did! Camp Outright is a week-long camp for LGBT and Allied youth, through an organization called Outright VT. Their mission statement: " build safe, healthy, and supportive environments for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth." So, starting this Thursday I have training, followed by a week of camp, where I'll be doing lots of camp-counselor-things, among them sailing and ultimate Frisbee. I haven't been to camp since I was like, fourteen, so I'm stoked, especially since it's through such a cool organization like Outright. I believe this is their second summer doing the camp.

 After camp ends (sad), I move back to SMC, then I'll have freshman orientation, and finally, but strangely, classes start again!

So it's a bittersweet time! Lots of awesome stuff going on, mixed with the lameness of no more home-cooked food, as well as having to pack. But I'm a winter guy anyway, I think summer takes too long ;)

Thanks for reading!

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