Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You're Listening to WWPV: College Radio at Saint Mike's

Photo by Lauren Miranda.

Let's be totally honest; not a lot of people listen to the radio anymore; we have iPods, so why would we? Cause WWPV.

The Saint Michael's College radio station, WWPV, offers students the opportunity to host a two- to three-hour radio show once a week, and my friend Carlos and I have the 10-12 slot on Wednesday nights (I have a bunch of other friends with radio shows, too, like Boates!). Like I said, not a ton of listeners, but's it's a great time, and an awesome way to de-stress on hump day (our show is actually called Bump de Hump day, like bump music on hump day! hehe.. he).

It's also a great way to discover new music. Part of the agreement with the station is that we have to play one new song an hour, so they have a few racks of new CD's to choose from to put on the air. Also, since we're non-profit, we don't have to deal with commercials. We do have to play PSA's a few times an hour, but they're short, and Carlos and I play them in Spanish to keep things interesting (we've never played a PSA in English, fun fact!).

This is my first semester with a radio show, but I hope to continue with it throughout my time here! If you're into radio, come to SMC and apply for a slot! If not, tune in on 88.7 in Burlington-Colchester-Essex Jct., or stream online at WWPV.org ;)

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