Thursday, July 18, 2013


While the title of this post might sound like something you do around a campfire, it actually is a description of my activities this week (only part of which might involve a fire). 

Before the fall orientation weekend for new students, Saint Mike's runs pre-orientation weekends (POW), such as the traditional "POW", a wilderness version called "WOW", a community service one called CSOW, as well as another run by the diversity coalition and MLK, called SOAR. 

Last weekend, I was able to participate in the first POW of the summer, where I met a ton of really cool incoming students (can't wait to see y'all at orientation!!!), and bonded with the other upperclassmen running the weekend. I can't give much away, but those of us who have been on it know that it's AMAZING, and if you haven't gone, you should go!

Now, this coming weekend, I get to lead a WOW with some of my buddies in the Wilderness Program at SMC. Starting tomorrow, I'll be leading the multi-sport weekend, which includes climbing, paddling and hiking. We'll be car-camping, which is nice (although I wouldn't mind some time in the woods, I won't lie), and I expect that ghost stories and bug bites will be aplenty. 

That's it for now! Although maybe now that I have an uncracked phone I can post some pictures up here come Monday evening. 

Thanks for reading! And here's a picture of my sweet new WP hat. 

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