Monday, March 10, 2014

Paddling in Baja: a preview.

Over spring break I'll be traveling to Baja, Mexico for a week of kayaking in the pacific waters. Our group will fly out to San Diego where we'll meet with Jenn K., a contact of Todd Wright's and a fellow of his in paddling certification. After that, we'll pack the van, and drive to the region north of Ensenada, where we'll begin our adventures.

While there, we'll spend full days paddling along the coast, and at least one (if not two nights) exploring around and camping on small islands off the coast. I'm looking forward to both developing my paddling skills in a different environment, and spending time in Mexico; a country whose politics, social welfare and culture are heavily present in the U.S. I had the opportunity to travel to Mexico once before while in high school, but I was much farther south and I imagine the experience will be somewhat different.

I'm looking forward to sharing stories about the trip when I return, but first I've got a week of class and some last-minute gear sorting and overall planning to do ;)

Happy Spring Break, and thanks for reading!

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