Monday, March 2, 2015

Family Weekend in Burlington.

If I haven't mentioned already, my little brother Nick is a first year at SMC. Also an avid skier and lover of all things mountainous, Nick was drawn to SMC just like my dad (Tim Rosbrook, '88) and I were.

This past weekend Nick turned 19, and the whole family came up to celebrate. We took many a ski adventure up here as kids, but our big sister hasn't been up in ages. And, we certainly haven't been here all as a family in over a decade. For that alone, it was a really special weekend.

Friday I only saw my parents briefly (I couldn't turn down tickets to see Gogol Bordello at HG!) during my break at work, so the weekend for me began Saturday morning. Nick and I, along with our dad and older sister Katie, piled in the car down to Mad River Glen for a day of skiing those notorious slopes. Since our mom doesn't ski, she passed the day in Burlington. She spent a few hours at a spa, but our mom also thinks Burlington is one of the cooler towns on the planet. She's an arts&craftsy, do-it-yourself type person, so the many art stores and cafes, to her, are a playground.

Nick is the type of kid to celebrate with a steak, so that night we went to E. B. Strong's for his birthday dinner. Our family can talk, so after a salad, main course and a coffee, we still spent much longer than the casual out-to-dinner-at-a-restaurant amount of time around the table. But it was fun, and since that Saturday had Mardi Gras festivities elsewhere in Burlington, we chatted the night away in relative peace. Afterwards we stopped at the Crow bookstore next to the restaurant, and picked up a few novels and other books for later indulgence. At that point we parted ways; our parents back to their hotel, Katie and I for a quick glimpse of Mardi Gras as it faded into the night, and Nick back to SMC. The next morning, we had a quick breakfast at Henry's. After this Nick and I resumed the college thing, Katie went back to life in New Haven CT, and our parents made their way home to Rome NY.

Check out some photos below!

Skiing at MRG.

Apres-ski with the siblings.

Out to birthday dinner.

Church St. post-dinner.
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