Friday, September 2, 2011

Freshman, week one.

As one might expect, I'll gladly report that the first week of school has been awesome. The people on my floor are great, really social but also academic-oriented, the classes are engaging (if not really hard, like Calc), and I don't have to cook my own food! Some of the things I've gotten into include the Alpine Ski Team (doing dryland training and then trying out this November), the Wilderness Program (signed up for a Mt. Mansfield hike), as well as some Calc tutoring (which isn't bad).

Also, a fun first-week-of-classes story... I got locked out of my room while I was in the shower. I was in the bathroom, my door was unlocked, my roommate takes off for class, locking the door and not realizing that I was still in the shower... yeah. Thank God I happened to bring a pair of shorts to the shower, cause I ended up having to walk to Alliot (the main hall on campus, which is actually really close to my dorm hall) to get my door unlocked. And as I was approaching, I could tell that I wasn't the first to do this and I certainly wont be the last. There were some faculty standing outside the entrance to Alliot who looked at me, started laughing, and said "We know exactly what happened, come with us."

So as far as the first week goes, that's pretty much it, and I'll just say one more time that I love SMC!!!

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  1. I would be so mad if someone locked me out while I was in the shower. Glad, you like your freshman year! :)