Friday, August 26, 2011

Packing for College: II and Orientation!

So here's the compact version of what eventually happened with my packing.

It's Wednesday at like 2 o'clock, I'm leaving in 4 hours, and I still haven't even thought about packing. Then my sister intervenes. Whereas I can be a laid-back procrastinator, my sister is almost exactly the  opposite. So she takes me to Staples and Marshall's, get's me packed an ready to go... all in about an hour's time. And as it turned out, there was a lot of stuff that I actually needed to buy... sheets, towels, laundry basket, notebooks and the like. So thank God for older sisters, right?

Now I'm sitting here with some down time during the 2nd day of orientation, and so far I've not had a thing to complain about (except the whistles). The orientation leaders are easy to talk to and FULL of energy, the awkward icebreakers have been doing just that; breaking ice, and I find that a lot of the other kids in the class of 2015 have been friendly and also very easy to talk to, albeit tired (at least I was). Also, I got to meet Tarah for the first time in person yesterday! So I'd say the year is already off to a great start, and I'm looking forward to the rest of orientation weekend followed by my first SMC classes on Monday!!!

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