Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back at it; Second Semester.

It's been a busy beginning of the semester. Sunday during the day I raced slalom at Snow Ridge in NY (had to hike), after which my dad drove me back to SMC and we arrived at 10 pm. Next day I had classes followed by training at Stowe. Today I woke up at 5 to do my skis before morning slalom practice at Smuggs, followed by a quick lunch and 3 hours of class... and then a nap til 7. I'm pretty tired.

I haven't quite gotten into the swing of things yet, but I'm looking forward to a challenging and rewarding semester. I'm learning a lot from skiing with the ski team; it's a great group of people, the coach is awesome and, to be honest, it's kicking my butt (in a good way). The guys on the team are a lot better than me, but it's good because, like I said, I'm learning a ton from training with them.

But besides that, classes are good (I'm the only freshman in my Anthro class), I'm hoping to do a lot with Green Up (the sustainability club on campus), and winter in Vermont is just great in general. Apart from the skiing, I love when there's snow on the ground, even if it makes for undesirable driving conditions and potentially slipping on your way across campus.

Snow on the ground + blue skies = nothing better. Unless you're 
on a mountain with skis on your feet.

Also, it's great to be back to school because, as you might have guessed, I miss my awesome college friends. I called them on my way to campus and asked if a few of them could help me grab some stuff from my dad's car (I came back with a lot of stuff), and so many of them came down that we did it all in one trip (not to shout out; but I love you guys!).

Below, just for fun's sake, is a picture of my friends Bean and Lauren rapping "Look at Me Now". They were working on their "swag".

Swaggerific, no?

Finally, my friend Tarah recently returned from her Winter Break world travels. I missed her so much over break and it was great to see her again! She also returned bearing gifts from Switzerland and Thailand.

Multi-cultural gifts.

That's all I've got right now. I'd love to answer any questions, all my contact info can be found here.

Thanks for reading!

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