Friday, February 10, 2012

How We Do: Friday Nights at SMC

I've noticed as a representative of SMC, my peers and I often are asked questions like "What do students do on the weekends?" I can remember hearing kids ask this as well back when I was looking at colleges. So this past week, I asked people across various social networking sites what they like to do on Friday nights, and here are few responses:

"Go to Mosque" - Kirsten

"Ben and Jerry's" - Aidan

"Play Pranks, Amazing food in Burlington, Turtle Underground**" - Dan
(**Turtle Underground is a lounge on North Campus where bands/DJ's play on the weekends, Tarah posted about it on her blog)

"Catch up on some TV, read a new play, skype my family back home" - Zach

"Laundry, really long dinner with friends, sometimes get started on Monday's homework, movie marathon" - Tarah Srethwatanakul

"Things to do on a Friday night: plan to take a nap and then pass out 'till Saturday, catch up on homework, hit the gym (so empty around 5 o'clock!), do some art, go sober dancing-so much fun because you can be as ridiculous as you want and no one notices." - Posted anonymously on Formspring.

I got a diverse sample of activities, as you can see; and some were more serious than others (playing pranks isn't the most common student activity at SMC). But a couple people mentioned going to out to dinner, and I'll second that! Burlington and Winooski have some AMAZING restaurants. Tonight I'm going out to Burlington for vegetarian food to catch up with friends who I don't have classes with this semester. Some other things I like to do on Friday nights; tune/wax my skis, have dance parties in the dorm, make vegan dogs on a George Forman grill in my room (in lieu of the Friday/Saturday night grill -post by Sarah Murray), play video games; always in the company of friends!

There's a lot to do at and around SMC; especially if you're willing to make your own fun. Students have access to transportation from the CCTA public buses, to SMC'c weekend Smugg's shuttle, and the occasional taxi if you need it. Plus, you can always find a friend or an upperclassmen with a car. Skiers and Snowboarders will have EXTRA fun, as well as people who want to learn (which they totally should, cause the Wilderness Program offers $15 lessons/rentals **CHEAP**)!

Thanks for reading, and if you have anything to add / have any questions, feel free to hit me up!, facebook, twitterformspring =)

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