Monday, March 12, 2012

The End of Winter 2012

Unfortunately, it appears as if this winter has come to an end (although it was kind of a weak one this year anyway). Upon returning to central New York and my home mountain Labrador, I discovered this past weekend was the last of the ski season in this region; which unfortunately means that Vermont isn't too far behind (although they do tend to have bigger mountains and a tad more snow). Thus, I will find it harder to occupy my time, which I've already noticed being home the last few days.

I've always known that two things make me exceptionally lazy: being home on break and the springtime. Combine them, and you've got something awful. Spring is my least favorite season because I always feel so unmotivated and down, and being home on break is a time to unwind and be un-productive. So the past few days have been a lot of sleeping from midnight to noon and watching movies at night. It's the best kind of time after mid-terms week.

It's also good because having a lot of down-time helps me think about things I can do to better utilize my time at school. Spring semester seems to be a drag for everyone, and I'm no exception; this semester has definitely been rougher for me than the first, but I guess it's all a part of the "college experience". Also, being constantly stressed helps you find ways to blow off steam (skiing was one of them that I'll be losing, unfortunately).

So, yes, the winter season is coming to a close. Which is a bummer for a few reasons, one of which being the fact that I can't do any of the post-season slaloms I was going to. But soon it will be P-Day, and then finals, followed by the summer before I return for orientation weekend, this time as an O-Leader.

Time flies by like crazy.

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