Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekend with My Dad

This past Saturday and Sunday, my dad brought me to some USSA races at Pico, VT and Sugarbush, VT. I had been to Pico before for a slalom about a month earlier, and was pretty confident I could pull off two good runs; but alas, I had to hike so my slalom points remain less than awesome. It was still a fun day though; I love skiing Pico! Sunday was supposed to be a giant slalom at Sugarbush, but it was cancelled due to-wait for it-too much snow. We couldn't clear enough off the trail and it was a safety hazard... kind of a bummer. But we got some decent skiing in CAUSE THERE WAS TONS OF FREAKING SNOW.

(Actually not that much, but it's been a bit of a dry winter for us.)

So unfortunately, as far as my race points go, this weekend didn't amount to much. But on the plus side, I got some great skiing/quality time with my dad, and now there will be some great spring skiing from all the snow we got.

As far as my race schedule goes, the season is basically over; but there are a few more post-season races I'm gonna get to. The 24th of March there's a double slalom at Gore, NY, and the 25th there's a double GS at Whiteface, NY; both of which I'll go to with my dad. Two weeks later (7th April), there's a slush slalom at Stowe that I'll probably hit up because it's so close.

So there you have it! Here are some pictures from my weekend con mi padre!


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