Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend and Women's Hockey.

This past weekend SMC students had a four-day weekend for Easter, which I spent on campus and in the Burlington area. We've had long weekends before where a ton of people go home and a few stay, but in comparison this past one was post-apocalyptic; the only time there were people on campus was when locals (or other non-students) came to Easter mass on Sunday. 'Twas pretty creepy.

Anyway, Friday and Saturday I spent trying to do work as well as fraternizing with the remaining fellow students on my floor (mostly the latter), and then Sunday I went to the house of some family friends in Burlington for Easter brunch. I got to hide Easter eggs, which was an awesome new experience! I hadn't even been around an Easter egg hunt in years, and I think that hiding them (a.k.a perching them in precarious places because I'm tall) might be more fun than finding them. Either that or I'm growing up (weird).

Also while with these friends, I got to go to a game of the International Women's World Championships. It was Russia vs. USA, and USA won 9-0 (I'm not a hockey person, but I'm pretty sure that score falls in the category of athletic annihilation). It was a cool thing to watch, and I was impressed by one woman on the US team who was ferocious for her size; but that may just be my ignorance of the sport (are most female hockey players fiery and petite?). It was really cool to watch and I got into it despite the fact that I'd never seen a hockey match in my life. Here are some pictures:

Teams lining up; blue jerseys are USA.

Final Score.

It was hard to get action shots on my phone (I tried, trust me). And even if I could they wouldn't do justice to how impressive it was in person. Also, here's the page with what appears to be the goings-on of the tournament, for those interested.

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