Saturday, April 14, 2012

This Weekend: Earthfest!

It is my pleasure to announce that this Sunday (tomorrow), in Ross Sports center, Green Up will host it's annual Earth Fest to kick off the incredibly rad Earth Week. Earth Fest is an eco-friendly festival with the objective of educating and sharing our love for the natural world with everyone else who cares. But on top of that, it's a day of music, food, and fun-filled activities, all sponsored by your friendly neighborhood sustainability club! This year our musical guest will be Mission South, and as always we will have the Ben and Jerry's truck as well as tons of local food and other vendors.

The bigger details have been coming together for months, so it was nice that yesterday, members of Green Up got together to make official t-shirts for us to wear to the event. It was great weather and we played music while we did it, so it was a nice way to have fun and finish the minor details after having worked on all the other planning for a while. Because it's kind of like Earth Fest is a baby, and Green Up is the village that raised it. It's been put on for years before I came to SMC, but it's really rewarding that tomorrow will be the result of our collective club efforts to put on a great event about something that we really care about for the students at SMC. Everyone played their part, and now that it's all come together, we're pretty pumped.

So come and check it out! And after the fun tomorrow, Earth Week will commence with other events throughout the week that you can attend to learn about all the things that we at Green Up find to be important issues; namely, a talk by Maude Barlow about the global water crisis, which we thought was relevant to our recent SMC Bottle-Free campaign to get bottled water off campus.

Here's a schedule of all Earth Week events:

Sunday 4/15     Earth Fest w/ Mission South
                          BBQ w/ local foods -- Ben & Jerry's -- Tie Dye and more. FREE*.
                          2.30pm-5.00pm RAIN LOCATION ROSS
Monday 4/16   Screening of Blue Gold
                         Documentary on world water issues
                         7.00pm-8.30pm Cheray 111
Wednesday 4/17   Local Food Night in Alliot
                         Each station will offer a local, VT product
                         4.45pm-8.00pm Alliot Dining Hall
Thursday 4/19 Fair Trade Coffee Hour
                         Free* Baked Goods
                         8.30am-10.00am St. Ed's Foyer
                         Outdoor Volunteer Efforts Trash Pick Up
                         2.00pm-4.00pm MOVE Office
                         Maude Barlow - Keynote Speaker
                         The global water crisis and the coming battle for the
                         right to water.
                         6.00pm-7.30pm Recital Hall, McCarthy

Thanks for reading!

*NOTE: I would like to indicate that my colloquial use of the word "free" is not meant to offend, merely to express that these things will not require that participants pay anything to our organization upon receipt of these goods/services. Thank you.

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