Friday, May 25, 2012

Formspring Question: What's your major and how did you choose it? As an incoming freshmen it's something I am kind of nervous about because there are so many choices!! smile

My majors are Anthro and Bio... and choosing this combination was a process haha. My first semester Freshman year I took an Anthro class for fun and found that I loved it, so I took another class the next semester and finally declared. As far as the Bio, it's actually kind of funny that I decided on that because before that, it had been French and then Environmental Studies. But I eventually chose Bio because it gives me the background I want in order to pursue a few different courses of study for Grad School (what I'm thinking right now is Environmental Anthropology, which is essentially how humans interact with the environment and the implications of our actions). Also, Anthro and Bio just go nicely together ;) Hope that helps!

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