Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First Day at My Internship.

Yesterday I finally got to begin my internship at MVRCR; and I say finally because it took some time to schedule! With this internship I have the freedom to set up my own hours, so I initially tried to set up time in the afternoons after my all-day job at Revere Copper. This ended up not happening, and I had to play with my work schedule a little bit to fit it in, but I will now be able to intern Mondays, and then work the rest of the week. I have a pretty packed schedule by design, I keep myself busy outside of work and interning. That way, the weekends are just that much more enjoyable ;)

Anyway, for a first day it was low-stress and enjoyable; I did some learning and very basic tasks, and it felt good to finally get my foot in the door. I'm hoping I'll be able to make the best of the little time I have. I'm also lucky because the internship itself is of a volunteering and community-service nature (but it's more than that too), so that allows me some freedoms that I wouldn't have in a more structured internship (like Gabbi's... actually, her internships).

Like I said, I have some options as far as what I can pursue while I'm there. For example, I can teach driving on a computer simulator (which is challenging!), work on a cultural competence project (more on that later), teach ELL, as well as other various moving and helping volunteer-type activities. I'm someone who is typically less organized than I should be, so this is a good opportunity for me to prioritize and plan so that I can do and learn as much as possible with the time I have there.

I'm off to work soon (it's 6.30 here, ugh), but I'll be sure to update regularly now that my summer is taking some shape.

Thanks for reading!

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