Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Turn To Get "LinkedIn" ;)

I'm a fan of corny word play, what can I say? :p

For those of you who don't know, LinkedIn is a social media platform used in the professional world. On it, you can list your employers, skills, education and accomplishments, kind of like a resume, as well as interact with "connections", which are other people on LinkedIn.

This past Monday at my internship, I caught wind of some social media outreach going on at the refugee center. Due to a combination of my experience as a blogger with SMC, as well as the fact that my supervisor and I had been struggling to find me a legitimate project due to my time constraints, this immediately caught my attention. In October, the center hosts a film festival and conference called Unspoken, and the woman at MVRCR in charge of that offered to let me help with the LinkedIn discussion page associated with the event.

I got right on it--my account was established within a half hour, and now I'm spending time learning more about the event and LinkedIn in order to be as effective as I can while working on this project. It's definitely been stressful in some ways being so limited at my internship, but now that I have this opportunity I'm really excited about what I could do this summer.

Thanks for reading!

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