Monday, March 4, 2013

Allison Bechdel at SMC and Mardi Gras in Burlington

Hey all!

Last week was an eventful one on campus, since the Center for Women and Gender hosted  author Allison Bechdel to speak on her writing process, and work in general. Bechdel is an award-winning lesbian cartoonist, and her work is mostly memoirs and other queer-themed topics. The presentation was funny, informative, and included some highlights from upcoming work. You should check out some of her books if you're interested! I know there are some in the library and a few in the CWG as well (minus one, which is sitting on my desk).

Also, Burlington hosted it's annual Mardi Gras festival and parade downtown this past weekend! Yes, it is a few weeks after the fact, and I'm not totally sure why, but I've heard that the town has it later so it's a little bit warmer for the tourists. Not entirely sure if this is true or not, but hey, why not? It was a great time! Check out some pics:

Some of the crowd... in a tree

Austin Powers? Seems legit.

It was a great weekend! And it's crazy to think there's only this week of classes until spring break... weird.

Thanks for reading!

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