Monday, March 25, 2013

Incentivized Extra-Curricular Activities and Weekend Nights.

At Saint Mike's there's a lot of learning that goes on outside the classroom. It's not uncommon for professors to assign events as a part of class or for extra credit, and more often than not it's for good reason (you know, like learning and stuff). But seriously, if a professor is encouraging you to go to an event, it means they think you'll find it interesting or useful, and they're worth going to.

Dr. Mullins in Cheray 111.
On Friday, the Tri-Beta Honor Society (science honor society) hosted  Dr. Mullins, an expert on immunology, to talk about his work on melanoma. It was assigned for extra credit for my bio class, and who says no to extra credit (answer: I don't)? So I went, and it was well worth the time. He shared with us about his research, which is geared towards re-training the immune system to fight cancer (melanoma) in the same way it does a cold or other virus, and discussed why we're not already capable of doing this. Definitely interesting, if not a little over my head :p (but heck yes, extra credit!)

Mmm, pizza ;)
After that, the weekend began. Friday night some friends and I went downtown for food, ice cream and ear piercings, at American Flatbread, Ben and Jerry's and Yankee Tattoo. We also checked out Tradewinds, which is an artsy shop that your mom would love (and they sell lots of cool earring and other jewelry). I got some dark green stones for my ear lobes cause green is irrefutably the best color ever.

Then, since it snowed so much this week, we decided to go skiing on Saturday at Smuggler's Notch. The conditions were great, and I'm pretty sure all the trails were open. If nothing else, Doc Dempsey's was open, so it was automatically a shred-alicious (awesome) day of skiing.

As for now, there are just a few days left til the Easter long weekend, for which I am going home and sleeping extensively. Can't wait to see my dog Marcy!

Marcy says thanks for reading ;)

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