Tuesday, April 9, 2013

College Housing: Ethan Allen Apartments Fall 2013.

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Recently, SMC students got their housing assignments for the fall. Since Saint Mike's is four-year residential, housing is a pretty integral part of the experience here, so I figured I'd give a quick review of my housing experience here thus far.

Like I mentioned, Saint Mike's is a four-year residential college, which means that all students, with some exceptions, live on-campus. Freshman year, most people live in double rooms on the quad (Joyce, Ryan, and Lyons, plus Alumni, which is for upperclassmen), but there are also singles, and, very occasionally, triples and quads. I lived in Joyce my freshman year, and I have a lot of great memories (Joyce is also closest to Alliot ;p). But  since everyone's in the quad anyway, the first-year housing experience is at least structurally similar across the board.
This year, I'm living in Pontigny, which has suites like Cashman and Canterbury, and is common housing for sophomores and juniors. Most of the suites have eight single rooms (some have four), two bathrooms (one in four-person suites), a common room and a fridge, and there's one kitchen on each floor of the building. As a busy student, I've found that I haven't been able to spend much time in my suite, but I have groups of friends who've gotten suites together and created a really nice communal space. The suites are definitely a good option if you've got seven close friends and a sweet common area! And if not, everyone gets a single, so everyone has privacy.
Ethan Allen apartments on North Campus.
But I gotta say, I'm most excited for my housing assignment next year. In the fall, I'll be living with three other guys in an Ethan Allen apartment on North Campus (where there are also dorms for sophomores/juniors), which is common housing for juniors and seniors. The apartments have two double rooms, a bathroom, a full kitchen, a common room, and hardwood floors. I like that the apartments are on north campus, because at the end of the day it'll be like going home to my apartment. Also, I like that I'll have a kitchen to cook in, because although the suites have kitchens on each floor, they're hard to use if you're pressed for time. Also, fun fact: when my dad went to SMC in the eighties, he also lived in Joyce, as well as Ethan Allen (Pontigny wasn't around back then). How cool is that?!
So definitely psyched about the fall! I don't want to wish the summer away, but I almost can't wait to post pictures of the sweet new digs when it's all up and running in the fall ;)
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