Thursday, May 30, 2013

Post-WFR Life and Summer Plans.


17 days later, all my Wilderness (WP) training has come to a close, and the rest of my summer is slowly beginning. At the moment, I'm crashing in a friend's room til I can move into my summer apartment tomorrow (so excited!!!), but I have some other exciting news as well!

I mentioned last time that I had a potential job lined up, and I can now announce that I'm officially employed at EMS on Dorset St. in Burlington! The application and interview process was a pleasure, because everyone who works there is awesome--I actually submitted my resume off the recommendation of a friend who's also an instructor in the WP. I have my first day of work on June 6th, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to fill the time when I'm not working with climbing, paddling and other fun summer stuff :p

Other summer plans include a road trip down to Delaware with fellow SMC student Mike Brown '14 for the Firefly music fest, and I'll also be participating in a Pre-Orientation Weekend (POW) for incoming students. The concert is coming up quick--it's the weekend of June 20th. Not gonna lie, I haven't necessarily figured out my transportation plans, but I'm *hoping* to get to that some time in the near future (we have the tickets and the campsite reserved--baby steps :p). POW is on a weekend in July, but more to come on that front later.
Taking a lunch break on the lake
--WP Kayak Instructor Training, May 2013.

At the moment it's pretty hot up in VT, which is nice following a week or so of rainy weather (which didn't stop us from paddling, as you can see). A great summer in the Green Mountains begins!

Feel free to email with any questions ( or if you'd like me to talk about any topic in particular, especially you soon-to-be-incoming students!

Thanks for reading!

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