Friday, January 3, 2014

Starting off the New Year Right!

So last year, my spring semester started like this.

I'm hoping the second time around, that won't be the case. After coincidentally having spend NYE in New York City with some of the same friends from last year, I'm headed back to SMC this weekend to give the Wilderness Program's Backcountry program and AIARE training another go. I need to complete this training in order to officially become a Backcountry ski instructor in the program, so here's to hoping all my bones remain intact.

Because this would be problematic (source).
In other news, I've also decided to change my class schedule slightly. As of my last post, I had been signed up for Calc II this semester. I switched back to third-semester Spanish though, because while Calc might be useful and even enjoyable, I'm someone who has a knack for languages and haven't even taken a foreign language class since freshman year. So, while this decision doesn't explicitly relate to my Econ major, I think that taking Spanish will be fun for me, and useful in other ways.

Finally, in honor of the new year, I've decided to tack on a couple of my intended resolutions for 2014. Resolutions are pretty cliche and notoriously short-lived, but I don't see the harm in setting goals for oneself, and doing the best to see those goals through.

1. Using a language when I hear it. More often than one might think, I'll be walking down the street, hear a conversation, and think to myself, "Was that Polish?!" And, more often than not, I don't even make an attempt to figure it out. It's really easy to become shy when trying to practice another language, and I want to change that in my own life. So in 2014, I want to use my language skills whenever possible.

2. Going indoor climbing at least twice a week. As a climbing instructor, one of the more valuable certifications one can have in the program is the Single-Pitch Instructor, because that certification allows one to lead a trip independently of a superior, which makes the trip scheduling more flexible, and gives the program a stronger staff. This winter, I'm looking forward to working on the skills I need to know so that I might be able to complete that certification this summer. This is a more challenging and ambitious goal, and I'll be psyched if I'm able to attain that certification this summer.

3. Continue journaling. I've started journaling a bit this past semester and over the break, and as someone who likes to write I've found it enjoyable and therapeutic. Here's to continuing a productive habit.

4. Skiing whenever I can. I'm throwing this in for fun, I don't think it should be that hard.

Cause, like, this is where I'll be skiing (source).
So there they are, and here's to a new year! Hopefully I'll see some of your fine selves up at Jay some time.

Thanks for reading!

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