Saturday, December 21, 2013

Plans for Next Semester

Junior year has been a big one for me, because I finally declared the major that I believe I'll graduate with (Economics). Also, it's the first year I'll be doing some serious free skiing, since I was training with the Alpine team freshman year, and last year I broke my wrist in January. As you can imagine, I've got big plans for this coming semester.

1. Jay Peak weekends

A buddy and I, both of us former ski racers, are psyched to shred the North Country this coming winter/spring. I think all of Vermont has great skiing (like Smugg's: to which SMC students get a $65 SEASONS pass), but Jay has always had a special place in my heart because: (1) the terrain is yummy, (2) they're constantly pounded with snow, and (3) it's semi-francophone, given the proximity to Canada. What a trifecta for a shredful winter.

Above--a sick ski edit (not mine) of Jay peak. From YouTube: 

2. A math-y courseload with a hint of social science

Being an econ major, I've actually forgone some of the intro courses that I need to take to finish the major. Sooo, this coming semester I'm taking Microeconomic Principles, Stats, and Calc II--a mathy group of classes for sure. But I'm also taking a Political Science class called Multicultural Theory and Practice, which will be reading and social-science heavy. A divergent courseload for sure, but an interesting one I hope!

3. Fundraising and planning for India

As I mentioned here recently, I've been selected to go on the MOVE extended service trip to Kolkata, India this May. In preparation, our group will be meeting weekly to iron out the details of travel, raise money for our partner organizations in India, and work on any other details necessary for making the trip successful. 

4. Wilderness Program: Backcountry Skiing 

This will be my first season taking people into the field as a certified Backcountry WP instructor, and I couldn't be happier! Backcountry skiing takes skill, safety and precaution, and is also a great time for more experienced skiers who want to ditch the lifts. SMC students: sign up for a trip if you're ready! And to those prospective students out there, this program is a good enough reason for deciding on SMC ;)

5. Common Ground 

I'm currently the president of Common Ground, SMC's LGBTQIA organization that works for advocacy and representation of LGBTQIA people on campus and in the community. We're hoping to bring some interesting speakers and other events to campus, and working on a campaign for housing reform to make campus more comfortable for a plurality of identities. It should be an interesting semester!

6. Tours, Blogging, and Talking to You!

Finally, as a lover of the SMC community, I'm looking forward to doing my best to represent the college through tours, this blog, and answering any questions that YOU have. My email is, or you can comment here any time. I do this because I want to be a resource for you, the reader, so feel free to contact me any time!

Thanks for reading!

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