Sunday, February 1, 2015

Four Things I Learned While Trudging Across Campus in the Snow.

If you're not super into winter, have no fear. Saint Mike's may exist in the cold and snowy north of Vermont, but the Champlain Valley is actually a bit warmer than the mountains surrounding us on either side of the lake.

That being said, it does get snowy and cold on campus, but I've learned a few tricks to combat the cold and keep morale high.

  1. Think hard about what you wear. For example, my first year as a student I lived in Joyce hall, which is way too close to the dining hall, academic buildings and library. When my floormate and I went to history class at the end of fall semester, we were still wearing basketball shorts and flip flops. You can't really get away with that in 6-12'' of snow. In such conditions, there's no need to look cute. It's been snowing out since I woke up this morning, and do you wanna know how I left my house? Shoes with good grip, tall&thick wool socks, three pairs of sweats/pajama pants, five top layers, a jacket, gloves, a scarf and a hat. Did I look like a faceless warrior of the arctic? Possibly. Was I warm and happy? You know I was.
  2. Take up tea, hot chocolate, or some warm beverage. I know people who don't like warm beverages, but if you can get around it at SMC it'll be worth it. When wearing an outfit such as the one mentioned above, I love to couple it with a hot coffee/hot chocolate mix, or tea (cause caffeine keeps me up at night). Not only does it warm up your insides as you drink it on the way to class, it keeps your hands warm! 
  3. Play in it. I'm lucky because I love to ski. When I'm touring or cruising some groomers at smuggs, I get a moment of refuge from my abhorrence of the cold and wet. If you're not a skier, sign up for an ice climbing or snow shoeing trip with the WP! If you can find some way to enjoy the winter, it certainly makes the season more bearable.
  4. Water, lotion, blistex. Surprisingly, I feel that I lose a lot of water in the winter (maybe from sweating through the 6-10 layers I have on my body at any given time). Because of this, I try paying extra attention to water consumption in the winter. If you're more hydrated, you're more warm, therefore more happy. Also my lips and hands get super chapped in the cold, so every morning I make sure to lotion up my hands and but some protective balm on my lips before I leave the house. Lotiony hands are gross in gloves, but cracked and bleeding hands are grosser.
All this is to say, that winter in VT is totally bearable. Yes it's cold, but  many before us have managed to make it through and I'm sure you can too, Besides, when all the snow melts come spring, we get to look at this:

Thanks for reading!

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